Important Update

Our Defenders churches are currently hosting in-person gatherings throughout the nation and we know they are taking the necessary precautions to make sure everyone is safe. During Convention 2021, your safety will be a priority for us and we’ll be ensuring you and your family feel comfortable and safe while attending. Although we refuse to live in fear, we understand our responsibility to make sure you and your family feel safe and protected. We encourage everyone to choose what kind of protection they prefer. You can learn more about all of the safety measures that are being implemented by reviewing our FAQ’s below. 

What if I am not ready to personally attend?

We realize that not everyone is ready to attend such a large event. No worries, we are working hard to make sure that those unable to attend have access to all conferences and services only online by registering. You will also have access to all information provided during the event. In order to participate in our business sessions, you must be physically present. 

Will Defenders be aware of the capacity of their buildings?

Yes, for the first time in many years we have decided to hold Convention at a large church to make sure we can manage capacity properly. The main auditorium holds over 2000 people, giving us plenty of space to ensure proper social distancing. Although the state of Kansas does not currently have many regulations, we are committed to follow all local, state, and federal guidelines. As they evolve, we will update our seating limitations accordingly and keep you updated.

How will Defenders practice social distancing during Convention?

Even when we strongly believe each family should have the freedom to choose how important social distancing is for them, we will be offering the opportunity to keep a safe distance between families within the auditorium. We recommend that every individual practices social distancing while in the lobby or common areas. 

What if I want to hug my Defenders family?

In order to respect everyone's right to choose the social distance desired, we will be printing labels that you can choose to wear stating the distance you would like for people to keep from you. A red label will tell everyone that you would like to avoid all distance and hugging or shaking hands will not be allowed. You will only welcome a conversation when standing at least 6 feet away. A yellow label will let everyone know that you welcome a handshake and a conversation with proper distancing, but would like to abstain from hugging or close conversation. A green label states that you welcome everyone in close proximity and no distance needs to be kept.

Will I need to wear a mask? 

The use of masks will be encouraged, however, will not be mandatory for we believe it is your right to choose the level of protection you prefer. We are asking guests to wear masks as they enter our buildings and make their way to their seats. As we believe in our individual rights, we ask that if you choose to wear a mask do not minimize those that choose not to. On the other hand, if you choose not to wear a mask, please embrace the right of your brethren to do so. Wearing a mask does not make anyone more or less spiritual. 

How is Defenders cleaning its facilities? 

We will conduct regular cleanings between gatherings to ensure proper sanitation; additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the church.

Will restrooms be open?

Yes, all restrooms will be open and will undergo routine cleaning. 

Will Defenders be screening those who attend in person?

Since the results of screening all attendees are still debatable, we have chosen not to perform them, however, we strongly ask everyone to use good judgment: if you are feeling ill or have a family member who is feeling ill, please stay home and participate in our online experience.

Will there be Little Defenders available for my children? 

Yes. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your children while we all celebrate what God has done in the past two years throughout our Defenders family.

What safety precautions and procedures can I expect for my children? 

Little Defenders is taking several precautions to keep your kids and our volunteers healthy and safe:

  • We are recommending that all children and volunteers wear a mask. 

  • Hand sanitizing will be encouraged before entering the Little Defenders area.

  • Room capacity limits will be set to provide adequate spacing.

  • All non-essential items from home (like toys and blankets) will need to stay in your vehicle. 

  • We will be sanitizing surfaces and toys frequently. 

  • Our volunteers are washing their hands and/or sanitizing often and we’ll encourage your child to do the same. 

  • We will allow one parent into the Little Defenders area for drop-off and pick up their children to limit traffic.

If I choose not to attend in person, will there still be an online curriculum from the Little Defenders ministry?

Yes, we are currently working to make sure all of the children and youth have access to participate online. More information will be provided soon.

Will we be using Facebook Live or another site?

Our night services will be streamed on Facebook, however, conferences will originate on our website and soon to be announced app for those who register. Stay tuned for more information.

Would I have an opportunity to sow into the organization during the event?

Even when the majority of our funding comes directly from the affiliated churches, we always welcome the opportunity to partner with those who believe our organization can be a blessing to them. You can share your giving, by pressing the "Donate" button on the top right corner of our page.