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Exemplary Elderly

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

One of the elders in our Movement who has served as a great example for his integrity and serenity is Rev. Daniel Perez. On this occasion we will try to get to know one of the ministers with more experience in our organization. Many consider Rev. Perez a great paradigm for its great silence and seriousness accompanied by a great sense of humor demonstrated with precise timing just as great comedians do. Still, we will try to get to know a little more the one who serves as a spiritual elder of the Board of Directors.

Rev. Daniel Perez, una gran bendición para nuestra organización.

Rev. Perez gave his life to the Lord while celebrating the sublime Good Friday of 1969 at Jerusalem Church in Bronx, New York. From a very young age he began his leadership directing the youth for several years devoting much of his time to teaching and singing in different churches. Since then he has been known for his seriousness and commitment to the ministry. Interestingly, his pastoral ministry began precisely in the church where he met the Lord and where he served for five years as senior pastor. He planted Canaan Mission Church in Bronx, New York, in 1981 after being part of our mother church, Canaan Church, Manhattan for about 7 years.

Rev. Perez started serving as the national director of the Defenders Institute in 1988 when he was appointed by Rev. Anibal Betancourt as his successor. His passion has always been to share his biblical knowledge through teaching the sheep and nothing more exciting for him, than to see the spiritual growth of believers. He has served on the National Board of Directors in different seasons and positions since 1986. He has served as executive secretary, trustee and vice-president, a position he relented just to give younger ministers the opportunity to gain more experience thus ensuring a better future for the organization and demonstrating once again, his detachment from all things for the good of the Kingdom.

Those who have had the enormous privilege of working near the Rev. Perez, know him for his great silence, but greater wisdom at the time of speaking. His advice always serves to move the younger leaders who work alongside him to meditate. When he sits down to compare the beginnings of his ministry to today’s, one of the things that impresses Mr. Perez most is the large number of experiences that exist today. When asked to share what he would he say to that young man who was beginning his ministry so many years ago, he told us, "If I had the opportunity to talk to that young pastor, I would tell him to be patient and always be firm and precise but careful when making decisions."

No one is more excited than Rev. Perez when the Board of Directors achieves something or when one can clearly see the progress of efforts in the organization. "That's progress," are the words that Rev. Perez tends to say to declare his joy with the organization's progress. When asked how he sees the future of our organization, Rev. Perez did not hesitate to shout; "looks great!" One of the dreams that Rev. Perez has for the organization is to see the creation of an educational system for students from kindergarten to university. We hope in God that one day he will be able to see his dream come to pass.

Without a doubt, we are more than blessed to have Rev. Daniel Perez as part of our organization. While we are sure that he still has many years of national ministry ahead of him, it is his great ministerial trajectory that serves as a great blessing to all of us who have the privilege of listening to his advice. We thank God for you, Rev. Perez!

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