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Board of Directors

Rev. Ramfis Moulier, National Executive Director

Our National Bishop since 2011, after serving in the Board for more than 8 years in multiple positions. Known for his passionate heart and firm commitment to build pastors that will lead The Church into the Kingdom. Bishop Moulier has been part of founding boards for organizations such as Harvest Evangelism. Kingdom Oil Ministries and Twin Cities Ethnic Evangelization Network. He is currently part of the Bishop Circle for NaLEC (National Latino Evangelical Council) and is part of the National Board for XPAN Global, Inc. He also serves as the Foothills Español Pastor for Foothills Church in Seneca, South Carolina. His passion for the Word continues be shown not only from multiple national stages but on his daily life. 

0 Andy.png

Rev. Abner "Andy" Baez, Vice-President

Our Vice-President since 2017, after serving in the Board for multiple years as the Secretary of Acts. Known for his solid Christ-centered biblical foundation and his passion for true worship. He is also the founding pastor of Joyful House Church in Germantown, Maryland. 

000 Raquel Sommers.png

Pastor Raquel "Cookie" Sommers, Executive Secretary

Our Executive Secretary since 2013. Known for her giving heart and always willing to extend a helping hand. She is also known for her deep commitment for the study of the Word of God and her constant joy to bring our children closer to God. Pastor Raquel Sommers and her husband Bob, felt a strong conviction that serving others through food is what they needed to be doing. During the pandemic, in 2020, they started delivering a ready-to-eat meal to someone’s doorstep who had been diagnosed with cancer. From delivering meals to one family the number of families dealing with illnesses that have been receiving food has increased. Not only do they deliver the meals, but they also spend time in fellowship with them. Recently, Pastor Raquel’s mother, Ana Margarita Melendez has become involved in preparing meals as well. It is a blessing for all involved.

000 Claudia Montufar.png

Rev. Claudia Montufar,


Our National Treasurer since 2013, after serving some years in other positions. Known for her kind heart towards those broken and pure desire to bring the love of Christ to everyone around her. Her dedication and commitment to the organization joined by her level of integrity has allowed her to earn everyone's trust. 

00 Job.png

Rev. Job M. Ramos,
Secretary of Acts

Serving as a Trustee since 2013, he has excelled as an educator of leaders offering multiple leadership trainings throughout the nation. He has a clear desire to educate The Church of Christ and does not waste an opportunity to do so being the National Director of our Department of Education. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Hermosa Community Church in Chicago, Illinois and serves as the Midwest North Region Presbyter.

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Rev. Daniel E. Perez, Trustee

As our Elder, he has served in multiple positions in the National Board for the last 30 years. Known for his wisdom and willingness to share it whenever needed. His desire to see others be used by God and prosper is unmatchable. He has become, without a doubt, the Elder everyone looks up to!

Roberto Mejia.jpg

Rev. Roberto Mejia, Trustee

Serving as a Trustee since 2019, he has been known as a true servant. He will not hesitate to respond to the needs of anyone around him. He is the Senior Pastor of Canaan Church in Brooklyn, NY. His desire to serve others brought him to become a Chaplain many years ago and is now the National Director for Canaan Christian Chaplain Academy.

000 Nancy Lopez.png

Rev. Nancy Lopez, Trustee

Serving as a Trustee since 2017, she has become the joy of our Board. Her ability to make everyone laugh while being one of the most seriously committed and hard working minister has allowed her to be loved by everyone. As a true missionary at heart, she is always willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others, but her commitment to true biblical teachings will not allow her to bend the Word for anyone. She also serves as the Pacific Coast Region Presbyter.

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